Diagnosing Tennis Addiction

Please provide your answer to the following questions and score yourself appropriately:

When crossing a road do you:

Cross the road without worrying about traffic
Look right, then look left, look right again, then cross
Look right, look left, look right, look left, look right, look left, etc, etc

When writing with a pen, do you:

Use your right hand
Use your left hand
Use an Eastern grip

The Williams sisters are:

The missing link
Men in skirts
The best female tennis players in history


Know who won the Davis Cup World Group this year
Know what the Davis Cup World Group is
Have heard of the Davis Cup
Think that the Davis Cup tournament features teams of golfers from the United States and Europe

When playing table tennis, you

Use an over arm serve
Break the table tennis bat when you lose a point
Will only play in the presence of a hawk-eye line call system
Speak to yourself between points to pump yourself up
All of the above

Strawberries and cream are a staple at which famous event:

The Scottish Premier League’s Old Firm derby
The Superbowl
The AFL grand final
The Wimbledon Open Championship

You think the most amazing thing about Maria Sharapova is her:


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