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Melbourne City Profile

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most exciting travel destinations. The city vies with Sydney for the title of Australia’s most cultured city. Located on the banks of the Yarra River in the South-East of Australia, the city boasts a host of attractions including large public parks, museums and theatres.

Every year the city hosts a number of important cultural events, including the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Aside from culture, Melbourne is best known as Australia’s sports capital. The city has world-class stadium infrastructure and sports facilities and hosts a number of major teams from Australia’s favourite sporting codes.

Two major international sports events are hosted in Melbourne each year – the Australian Open tennis championship and the Australian Grand prix.

With its hot climate, and excellent public transport system, this Australian Open travel destination offers fans not only top class tennis but also a fantastic experience of a modern Australian metropolis.

Melbourne Australian Open Travel

The Australian continent is geographically isolated from the West, making air travel the cheapest and most practical way of accessing major Australian cities. Melbourne is serviced by two airports.

The Melbourne International Airport is located approximately 25km North of Melbourne and provides access to the city via a host of international airlines. Note that few airlines travel direct to Australia, and many will frequently be routed through countries in Asia.

Several transport options are available for commuting from the Airport into the city. The cheapest and fastest option available to Australian Open travellers is the Skybus, which operates a 24-hour shuttle between the airport and Melbourne’s central business district. Private taxis are also available and can be expensive. Pickup locations are situated outside terminals 1 and 3.

Avalon Airport caters to Australian Open travellers flying in from other cities in Australia. The Avalon Airport is serviced by low-cost domestic airline Jetstar. Avalon Airport is situated some distance from Melbourne, and it is necessary to purchase a bus ticket into the city with the Sun Bus shuttle. Due to the length of the commute, taxis are not a good option for getting into Melbourne and cost up to ten times more than a bus ticket.

Australian Open travel by train is also a fast and cheap option if you need to travel to Melbourne from other Australian cities. Country Link and Great Southern Railway commute regularly between Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station and major urban centres.

Travel around Melbourne and to the Australian Open tennis venues is covered in the Australian Open 2011 Travel Guide.