2012 Australian Open Betting

Odds for the 2012 Australian Open are available months ahead of the tournament, giving tennis fans the opportunity to place early antepost bets on the tournament. Quality odds comparison services offer antepost betting markets for both the men’s singles and women’s singles draws at the tournament.

Making the Most of 2012 Australian Open Odds

Early odds on the 2012 AustralianOpen give punters the opportunity to extract extra value from their outright bets on the tournament. As the tournament approaches and competing players participate in warm-up events the odds in the AustralianOpen betting markets are likely to approach a more accurate reflection of tournament form.

Many tennis fans use betting exchanges like Betfair to extract maximum value from the Australian Open betting markets. They do so by locating talented players who are priced too high in the antepost betting markets, and then backing these players with a bet at a fixed odds bookie like William Hill. Punters then wait for the odds on these players to drop as the Australian Open approaches.

Once the Australian Open has started the odds on many top players will have fallen substantially. At this point punters will place lay bets (bets on the player not winning the Australian Open) at betting exchanges like Betfair.

Depending on the size of the bet placed at the betting exchange punters can either cover their first bet (ensuring no net loss and a profit if the selection does win) or, when odds have fallen low enough, place a more generous bet to guarantee a return whether or not the selection wins the tournament.

Finding the Best Australian Open Betting Odds

Punters looking for the latest and best Australian Open odds will need to make use of an odds comparison service. Odds comparisons provide a list of prices across a broad range of trusted, establish bookmakers, thereby assisting tennis fans in finding the highest prices on their favourite tennis players.

Odds comparison services offer other benefits:

  • They provide early access to Australian Open odds
  • Offer valuable information on which bookmakers are offering the best place specials for each-way betting
  • Feature comprehensive lists of all the betting options and markets available for the Australian Open
  • Provide punters with access to dozens of free bets, which let tennis fans back their favourite players at bookies’ expense.